Kids Get Perspective on Leadership

Our first full day of the Blue Ribbon BOLT program was all about perspective.  We asked students to consider how people of differing perspectives might look as community/global issues.

Example 1: Scientists

We started the day with the Disney YES Properties of Motion program in the Magic Kingdom.  Kids learned about how gravity, inertia, centripetal force, hydraulics, and pneumonics all play a role in what make rides and roller coasters fun.
Disney YES guide Rick has the kids help him demonstrate pneumonic valves.
We got to ride Space Mountain twice before the park even opened to the public to learn about potential and kinetic energy.  Then we check out Buzz Lightyear to learn about how hydraulic valves create a different effect in moving attractions than pneumonic valves.
The kids pose with Zerg after the Buzz Lightyear ride.
Finally, they rode Thunder Mountain to feel centripetal force around those tight curves and while being thrown up and down. Throughout the process, Disney YES professional Rick reminded the kids that scientists use the scientific method to:

  • Observe
  • Hypothesize
  • Experiment
  • Record
  • Conclude
After making our way through Magic Kingdon, we carried that through to our BOLT session in the afternoon.

Example 2: BOLT

Our session started with the kids brainstorming something they could improve in their school, church, or community when they go home after this amazing week. Then we talked about the importance of learning about the issue before coming up with a solution. Just like the scientists who observe before they hypothesize, leaders should learn all the facts before proposing a solution.
Source: Oxfam
The facilitators and I took on the roles of various groups in students' communities who they could learn from and who might be able to offer them help in tie future.


After a great day of roller coaster learning and planning for real life back home, the kids are ready for more tomorrow! Check back for the details and their words on leadership.
Meeting the Fire Chief on Main Street.

They each got to sound the siren!
See ya tomorrow!


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