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A Note to Fellow Educators on End-of-Year Stress

The end of the school year for a high school teacher is crunch time. We are: reading piles of research papers,  correcting last-minute make up work,  completing our own professional evaluations,  designing, reviewing for, administering, and grading final exams,  trying to make sure all 125 of our students are going to finish the year with happy feeling of accomplishment,  cleaning and packing our classrooms,  and juggling our own lives and families at the same time. Under this crush, it is easy to succumb of the overwhelming stress and feel deflated at the end of the year.  My recommendation to you, my fellow educator, is remember to stop and notice the little signs that you've done a great job.  Over the past few days a few little things have reminded me why I do this job and why it is sooooo worth it. I share them with you, not intending to brag, but to remind you not to miss these same signs as they present themselves to you during the last hot days of school. A