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Abraham Lincoln and Louis Kossuth in 1852... an example of an integrated history lesson

I am fortunate enough to be a participant in the final year of the History Connected program.  This year is called American Encounters: U.S. History in a Global Context .  Since our first school day seminar way back in October , there has been a lot of talk and interest in the integrated U.S. and world history curriculum here at Reading Memorial High School . We were even fortunate enough to have colleagues from Wilmington visit us a few weeks ago and sit in on some of our classes to observe the curriculum in action. It was refreshing to have the faces of enthusiastic professionals in our classes while we taught. As I look back to that October workshop and consider some of the documents that were discussed, a new great connection between world and U.S. history comes to mind. Specifically, as we read through the Lincoln documents in an effort to get to know the man behind the myth, there were two that mentioned Louis Kossuth and the Hungarian Nationalist movement. In 1852, Lincoln wa