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Five Strategies for #EdTech Success in the New School Year

Check out my latest article in EdSurge for these tested and proven strategies.  I've used them myself! Thanks so much for reading.

Set-Up Students for #EdTech Success in Week 1

Here's my plan to set up my students for the content, collaboration, and creativity that technology will allow in our (ironically) history classroom: Day 1: Inform Students and Parents It will all start when I show students this video from November Learning  to spell out my mission: give them to tools to be doers . Next I'll let students know that every final creation they produce will be published to the world, not just to me. They need to make it relevant and interesting. More importantly, it needs to be something they are proud to connect with their name online. Of course, I'll send home electronic and paper notices (the first and last paper notice of the year) to parents to let them know the same information and to assure them that they will have full access to all of their child's class materials and work in real time.  Grade data will also be available online, but with password protection. Sharing my own published work with both parents and stud