The Role of Technology in Today's Classrooms

In June I had the opportunity to be on a panel at the U.S. Capitol. Not only was the setting impressive, I was there with some seriously high caliber educators to talk about how mobile devices and technology have changed the way our students are learning. Daisy Dyer Duerr shared how bringing a BYOD initiative to her rural Arkansas school increased both student engagement and attendance. Milt Bryant described his classroom where students are always working collaboratively, hands-on, and at a pace that personalizes their learning.

I wrote and posted about it back in June. The first post was a reflection on my paperless classroom. The second was a reflection on what I learned from fellow panelists. I'm still learning from them thanks to the power of my personal learning network.

Today, Smarter Schools Project released a video highlighting some of the insights from that day. I'm honored to be a part of it! Looking for inspiration? It is worth two and half minutes of your time.


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