The Educator's Guide to Social Media

As educators, we become accustomed to both operating as experts in solitude and collaborating with colleagues. In what is surely among the top collaborations of my career, I had the good fortune to talk and think and laugh and write with Larry Magid, CEO of ConnectSafely and established technology journalist with CBS News, Huffington Post, San Jose Mercury News, and several others. He brought his expertise with the latest in privacy policy and the functional possibilities of the tools. I brought my experience from the classroom and how social media can connect students and teachers with the world outside their classroom like never before possible.

The result is this comprehensive guide:
Click to see the full text pdf of the guide.
Educators can feel confident that the guide covers everything from communication with parents, to posting images and videos, to online harassment, to building a professional network. It is all in this easily-accessible document that is free.

The guide was featured in the Huffington PostBeyond Pencils (the Smarter Schools Project blog), and EdSurge.

It also comes with a website full of links to tools, resources, and articles that can help educators dive even deeper once they are ready.

The final paragraph of the guide really delivers the overall message: Social media is nothing to be afraid of in education. If used thoughtfully by teachers and students, it can open doors for professional growth, better school-home communication, and learning that goes far beyond the classroom walls.


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