The Dos and Don'ts of Professional Development

As educators shift their practice to more collaborative experiences for their students, they are demanding a similar shift in their professional development.  Dr. Will conducted a 3 part series of Google Hangouts on Air from varying perspectives on the value and changes in professional development in education today.

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Part 1

Carlie Stigler is wrapping up her first year in the classroom and spoke from the perspective of the new teacher.  See her conversation with Dr. Will here.

Part 2

Ibrahim Baig of Bright Minds Connect provided the perspective of someone who creates and delivers professional development for educators.  See his conversation with Dr. Will here.  Ibrahim also provided this excellent Review of Literature on Professional Development as a resource.

Part 3

Dr. Will invited me to provide the veteran teacher perspective on professional development since I have been in middle and high school classrooms for 13 years.  Here is the final cut of our episode.


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