Weaving With Web 2.0 in the History Classroom

My graduate class and cohort are winding down. Our last in-class project was a reflection on the integration of Web 2.0 tools in our class and curriculum. This was a labor of love. I thought I would share my project with all of you.

Part 1: My presentation began with a 4 and a half minute video I created using Photostory. It is a statement of my pedagogy now that I have taken this class. While I was primarily focused on content before (with blogging and research integrated into my curriculum) I now feel that my responsibilities go beyond the history itself. Web 2.0 skills have become an essential part of my classes.

Part 2: I decided to aggregate some examples of student work into a single website. I pointed out a few of these projects as examples of the integration of a few Web 2.0 tools throughout the year.

Part 3: Since I wanted the presentation itself to be an example of Web 2.0 technology, I added a feedback page. My hope is that some, or maybe even all, of you will write your questions and ideas about my work on the feedback page. Both encouraging and critical thoughts are welcomed.

Reflections: Before concluding this post, I want to thank all of my fellow cohort members for inspiring and prodding me along through this journey. I feel like I have been a better teacher for my students as a result of all the time and effort put toward these projects. In addition, I have found a new passion for my job. While I loved being a teacher before, I can hardly stop talking about the latest project a student has turned in, or the latest free online tool I have discovered, or the latest blog I have read by another educator. Truly, my husband and family have heard about all of our adventures in "expanding our boundaries." Without all of them I would not have discovered this new passion. So thank you.


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