The Dr. Will Show

I was lucky enough to be noticed by technologist and Twitter extraordinaire Dr. Will Deyamport III recently. We quickly arranged to have a Google Hangout and he asked me about how and why I decided to go paperless in my high school history classroom.

Please check out Dr. Will's original post on the episode at his blog, Peoplegogy.

Dr. Will asked great questions about what inspired me to go paperless, how it has changed my teaching, the differences in my students' experiences while learning in a paperless environment, and how parents have reacted.  We talked about the successes and frustrations of going paperless and discussed why my students recently decided to share their enthusiasm with their teachers at a professional institute.

It was an honor to be interviewed by Dr. Will, who has had previous episodes with edtech leaders like Jennifer Carey and Tom Whitby. I'm so grateful for an opportunity to share my practice with educators.

Thanks Dr. Will!


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