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Students Connect to History with EdTech

Every history teacher I've ever worked with has espoused the pedagogical principle that it is essential to make historical events and lessons relevant to our students' lives.  I firmly believe that the integration of the technology that students are already using makes that easier than ever.  Here are a couple of examples from my classroom that could easily transfer to other topics and other classrooms: The Power of Inspiration: Online Research Transcendentalism is a social and literary movement that we've all studied in our high school days. My students sometimes moan when I announce this particular topic because often they've read the literature in the English classes and claim they already know it.  Historically, the movement has it's own significance beyond the literature.  In fact, the influence of transcendentalists like Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau on some of the greatest social movers and shakers in the past few decades is almost tangi

How to Get Organized for the New Year

Check out my latest post with the Smarter Schools Project.  It highlights great tech tools my students use all the time to keep everything at school organized and accessible. . Click here to read the post. Tech tools and strategies included in the post are: 1.  Remind for School-Home Communication 2. MyHomework for Tracking Assignments 3. Evernote for Keeping Notes Organized 4. Quizlet for Studying Anywhere