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MassCUE = My Cue for a Fresh Start

I have to admit that I have neglected my blog in recent months. My excuses are typical: I got caught up in having summer fun with my toddler, I was busy with beginning of school year planning, and the autumn seemed to get away from me. I can't believe it is almost over. So I have to thank MassCUE and the TGL2 Conference for inspiring me to make a fresh start. Now that I have had the opporunity and honor to attend 3 educational technology conferences and present at 2 within the past 6 months, I have some reflections. Presenter & Attendee : I learn just as much as a presenter as I do as an attendee at ed-tech conferences. (But being a presenter makes the whole event a bit more stressful.) You can check out my presentation if you click here . I will post more about it soon! Idea Versus Reality : I leave conferences with a lot of energy and ideas. I use some of them right away and they stick with me. Other ideas, especially those that involve my desire to get more of my colleague