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We Are Using More #EdTech Than Ever! How do we Train Teachers on Student Data Privacy?

Now that we are using more education technology tools than ever in order to reduce contact and reach students and families from a distance, the concern about the private information we are creating and sharing in the course of our work with young children is as much of a concern as it has ever been. In a time when teachers are eager for training and support, but have little time to dedicate to it as they learn how to plan physically distanced, hybrid, and virtual lessons; How do we make sure they are aware and able to implement important student data privacy protection practices? How should policy makers support schools and districts? What can school and district leaders do in their roles to keep students safe and teachers supported?I was fortunate enough to be part of a panel of researchers, practitioners, and policy advisors last week to talk about the solutions to these very questions. You can watch our conversation below.

To open the panel, new research about teacher access to too…