#edsurge50: Giving Teachers & Students Voice in EdTech

My students, who live in a quiet suburb north of Boston, are suddenly starting to feel like their work is making a difference. In December some of them shared their ideas for the innovative classroom remotely to a conference in Disney World. Two weeks ago a few more presented to a room full of teachers and administrators on the benefits of a paperless model.  And now a few of them have a national audience thanks to a published article with EdSurge.

Click the image to read the article.

The Fifty States Project (#edsurge50) is the brainchild of Associate Editor Mary Jo Madda. Her mission is explained in this great video.

EdSurge and Mary Jo are providing an opportunity for teacher voices to he heard by business and political leaders who develop education products and policy. Not only that, even my students feel like their work is connected with the real world because their work was linked to the article. One of them even tweeted about it this morning, and his enthusiasm for "B block history" definitely comes through. A few of his classmates favorited his tweet right away.

Real ownership of learning can happen when students share and publish their ideas, and the world responds.  Teacher and student voices should play a predominant role in how education and innovation in the classroom moves forward. Check out EdSurge's Fifty States Project and submit. Your voice, and your students' voices, can be heard too.


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