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Click here to see my guest post for Voxer.

When it comes down to it, we humans crave real relationships. This is true within our families, with friendships, and with professional networking. When building a professional network far beyond the workplace, social media can be a powerful tool.

The past few months I've been involved in a few projects meant to get the word out to teachers that social media can get them connected to like-minded positive colleagues near and far. Educators can find inspiration for innovative teaching practices, technology integration, and can even reach out to experts and authors on their students' behalf.

The summer Larry Magid and I co-authored The Educator's Guide to Social Media, which was published by ConnectSafely, to help teachers and administrators understand how to navigate online communication using these powerful tools.

One of the services mentioned in the guide is Voxer. This is how they describe themselves:

After speaking with the folks at Voxer more about their tool, I had the opportunity to write a guest post for their blog about how Voxer has been an important part of how I network and build relationships with other education thought leaders from around the country. I even wrote about how my students in Massachusetts connected with students in Texas last year thanks to Voxer. If you'd like to read more in the post, and learn how you could be using Voxer to expand your learning network, click here.


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