End of the School Year Has Us Climbing the Walls!

About 100 of the 8th graders from Parker Middle School went on a climbing field trip today.  I know it was a good day for them because...
  1. They pushed themselves harder than they'd planned to. 
  2. They cheered for each other unconditionally. 
  3. They were exhausted, hungry, and proud at the end of the day.
Couldn't have picked a better way to spend a hot Friday just before the end of the school year.

Tech Check: I used some copyrighted music in the video so the restrictions require that it must be viewed on a PC and that it can't be viewed on smartphones or mobile devices.

Click here if you're interested and check out metro ROCK.  They did a fantastic job motivating the kids, keeping them moving, and teaching them about balancing safety and risk-taking.


  1. Looks like an all-around good time! Thank you Ms. Gallagher for producing the video and sharing with us!
    -The Chipmans


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