"I really enjoyed Kerry's keynote yesterday at the NHCTO Clinic. I am the tech coordinator at a middle school in NH and was thrilled to hear her talk about – with excellent examples – the importance of balancing creative and innovative learning opportunities with the security of student data. I attended yesterday's conference with a few colleagues from our district's technology services department. We are consistently asking ourselves how we can look at some requests for apps and tools as "possible" and not just a concrete "NO". For all of us to hear her keynote was very exciting and validating! Her ideas will help in the future as we continue to support our teachers' and students' needs for innovation in this era of concern for data privacy." 
Ellen Sargent
Technology Coordinator
Cooperative Middle School
Stratham, New Hampshire 

"Kerry Gallagher understands how to communicate the power, importance, and potential pitfalls of social media and technology in a relatable way to students. Our students were riveted with her presentation and took what she said to heart. Additionally, her parent presentation later that evening reinforced the same ideas, providing parents with the tools to communicate and share openly with their teens about appropriate use of technology and social media. Her presentations opened up positive dialog with families."
Christine Voigt
Director of Curriculum and Instructional Technology
Bushop Dunne Catholic School
Dallas, Texas

"Kerry’s approach to student technology use was refreshing. Her focus was not about the negative effects of technology use but rather the positive outcomes when students harness its power. She also taught students what to look for when accepting terms and conditions of various platforms so that they stay informed on how their data is used. With parents, Kerry provided conversation starters and strategies that can help open the doors of communication with their child on technology use. Not only was Kerry an informative speaker, but she also engaged our students by having them reflect on what they learned to produce a product that could be used in their schools immediately. She fully understood her audience and how to keep them actively enga
ged throughout her presentation."

Manuel S. Herrera
Innovation Coordinator

Affton School District
Affton, Missouri

"On behalf of Tacoma Public Schools, we want to thank you for your outstanding professional development workshop focused on Digital Learning. Leading up to the training we were very excited, but afterwards we were even more energized. You wor
k reconfirmed much of our thinking, but more importantly it gave us a whole set of ideas and processes to consider. We are currently planning for next year, taking what we heard, and are applying it. Your preparation, resources, and presentations far exceeded our expectations. Thank you again for all that you did. Below you can read additional feedback from the instructional facilitators, administrators, and teaching staff that participated during your visit:
  • Amazing speaker, inspiring, energizing, makes me want to take things I learned back to my school to share with others.
  • This training raised my awareness on the essentials of embedding technology into instruction not as a "silver bullet" type of experience but a natural part of the pedagogical experience.
  • I was captivated the entire time! Such a great presenter and a wonderful day!
  • I thought that this learning opportunity was fantastic. I went home excited to try new things and eager to share with our staff."
David M. Davis, Director of Instructional Technology
Kim Williams, Business Analyst in Charge of Professional Development
Tacoma Public Schools
Tacoma, Washington

"Thank you so much for the informative talk. The audience has been giving rave reviews and we all came away with some great information and tools to help guide us in our digital parenting. Thanks again!"

Wayland Children and Parents Association
Enrichment Committee and Members
Wayland, Massachusetts

"Ms. Gallagher’s presentation was engaging and informative. As a mother of 2 young children and an adolescent, she gave information and direction to parents that covered almost all age ranges, along with specific ideas on how to engage your child in these conversations. Ms. Gallagher had research information and real-life information that supported her presentation and made the information easier to digest. Would highly suggest this presentation to other parents in this new world we live in." 

Krystin Fraser
Medway, Massachusetts

"We had the pleasure of hosting Kerry Gallagher in our district to share her expertise with our parents. Ms. Gallagher tailored her presentation to meet the needs of our community and left our parents feeling knowledgeable and empowered. She used the perfect mix of relevant data, tangible advice and personal stories to engage our parents in a deep and meaningful way. In fact, our exit survey results showed that 90% of parents found Ms. Gallagher’s presentation to be “extremely useful” and numerous parents have already asked to bring Kerry back to our district to speak with our students. Kerry is an expert in her field and a very talented and articulate speaker. We’d be thrilled to bring her back to Medway."

Ryan Sherman, Ph.D.
Director of Wellness
Medway Public Schools
Medway, Massachusetts

"I want to thank Kerry for coming to Medway to provide such important information and support for our parents. As a parent of young children herself, she was able to relate to the audience and provide relevant data and practical suggestions for engaging with our children entering into their own digital world. Kerry was very happy to tailor her presentation to the needs of our community and after the presentation she remained until all parents had their questions answered. Her passion for this topic is evident and we were very fortunate to have her speak in our District."

Ryan Camire
Technology Integration Specialist
Medway Public Schools
Medway, Massachusetts

"Kerry Gallagher delivered a powerful, timely and insightful keynote speech entitled, This is Your Brain on Technology. Kerry was a highlight of the 18th Annual Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence Conference at Disney in Orlando. Research shows the technology we use each day is actually rewiring and retooling our brains, between the multitasking and the addiction we feel when we’re without it. Kerry’s message focused on using technology as a meaningful and powerful learning tool for all students. Teachers are utilizing technology as a tool to help students with different learning styles and students are becoming more creative because learning is more strategic."

Dr. Judy Warden, CEO
Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence
Cartersville, Georgia
Chapin, South Carolina

"I wanted to thank you for your keynote address and breakout presentations at our Boston Summit.  The feedback was exceptionally positive for both your opening keynote and breakout session.  I think it was a great fit and I am so thrilled that everything worked out.  Your message was an outstanding kickoff to the event, I don't think any other message could have been a better fit." 

Greg Kulowiec
Senior Associate
Plymouth, Massachusetts

"A very heartfelt thanks to Kerry for participating as a panelist in the Newton Public School’s community forum “Living in a Smartphone World.” As a district, it was our goal to provide families with information on how to navigate technology both at home and at school. Kerry provided real-life examples of how technology is transforming education and creating more engaged learners. At the same time, she is very aware of the challenges related to technology and provided terrific advice on creating good digital citizens, managing screen time, and looking at our own (adults) use of technology. Kerry was an outstanding panelist, providing ideas, consultation, and thoughtful insight from start to finish. Many thanks, Kerry."

David Fleishman, Superintendent of Schools
Newton Public Schools
Newton, Massachusetts

"Kerry exudes intellect. Her keynote was powerful. Her work is all well-researched and organized. Both the keynote and her session later were game-changers for many people I spoke to afterwards. It was so good to see the misconceptions about screen-time being covered, particularly at an event called “iPadPalooza”. Few adults realize the extent of their own screen-time as they pontificate about children playing Minecraft and such. She also shares my passion for empowering children with strategies to lead their own learning. Fab stuff, Kerry!"

Richard Wells, Deputy High School Principal
New Zealand

"On behalf of the Londonderry School District, we would like to thank you for coming to share your positivity to encourage collaboration and to empower both learners and teachers. We were very inspired by your messages, particularly about using social media to our benefit, because it is not going away! We need to teach our learners how to use it effectively and with purpose. We also love that you intentionally built in the use of teachers working with their own devices in different ways during our last session. It really was eye-opening for some of them to see the side of the device that can be used for educational purposes and that there is a time and a place in the classroom for these. That time is now! Thank you for such an amazing day of empowering messages."

Jessica Payeur, Librarian
Brenda Colameta, Technology Coordinator
Londonderry Public Schools
Londonderry, New Hampshire

"I had the pleasure to work with Kerry Gallagher in developing our recent district-wide professional development day focused on Digital Learning to personalize students' experiences. Ms. Gallagher was extremely responsive to our needs; she met with our planning team several times to understand our district and the readiness of our teachers in hearing her message. She crafted a custom keynote that was inspirational and relevant, with a lot of tangible examples across all grade levels for our teachers. From her breakout sessions later that day, teachers spoke of the tangible outcomes they walked away with and could implement in their classrooms right away. Ms. Gallagher even assisted us in advance of and after our day by engaging with our faculty through Twitter. She is an expert practitioner and a talented professional; it was a delight to work with her in our district."

Sara E. Ahern, Ed.D.
Assistant Superintendent
Holliston Public Schools
Holliston, Massachusetts

"Thank you again for coming to speak to our boys. I have only heard good things about your message. The reaction we get from most of our students when we have a presentation on social media is that they learned nothing different and that they could have taught the presenter a thing or two about newer apps. This was not the case with you. The boys that I spoke to all felt that you were extremely knowledgeable and up to date with all the latest technology and social media applications. Because of this they were more open to trust your judgement and listen to what you had to say. Our faculty and students also appreciated your positive approach to this topic and how our student can and should be empowered by this opportunity to do great things that build up themselves and the greater community with social media."

Christopher J. Vasta, M.Ed.
Assistant Principal for Student Life
Xaverian Brothers High School
Westwood, Massachusetts

"Kerry Gallagher’s keynote was the inspirational spark that brought our entire event together. Kerry is an experienced educator who thinks innovatively and coaches others to do the same, and her keynote was the perfect demonstration of her skills and techniques. We hosted a diverse cross section of educators (student teachers, long-time educators, higher education faculty, public and private school educators, administrators, etc.) and Kerry’s message was applicable to the entire room. Ultimately, her story of how she used technology to build better relationships and connect more authentically with her students used tangible examples to help attendees see that technology in and of itself is not the solution, but rather a critical element of the 21st century learning environment. Kerry was professional, brought great energy, and motivated attendees to think creatively about their students and their teaching."

Rachel Wiggins Chan
Senior Programs Officer
Rodel Foundation of Delaware
Wilmington, Delaware


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