Using Skitch and Evernote to Analyze Images

In cooperation with the Barat Education Foundation and its TPS-Barat Teaching with Primary Sources from the Library of Congress program, I've written a 2-part series about historical image analysis.

Part 1 was published tonight and focuses on how to use digital tools to help students analyze and annotate historical images as part of their learning. The article includes:

  • how student learning and engagement increases when they annotate digital images individually on at their desks
  • vivid examples of student work with real historical images from my classroom
  • user guides for Skitch, a powerful (and FREE) image annotation tool that is available across all mobile platforms

Click here to read the article and see sample student work.

Stay tuned for Part 2 next week. It will explain the teaching method behind deep image analysis and how it can be a dynamic part of the study of primary source evidence in your classroom.


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