Twitter and #PTChat

As a member of Twitter (KerryHawk02), I have participated in several #EdChats. But this past week, on Wednesday night at 9pm, I participated in #PTChat. It is a discussion about parent-teacher communication and the role of parents in the education process at school. Some of the participants were just teachers, some were just parents, and some were both. It was really interesting and eye-opening.The moderators are @Parentella and @ShellTerrell. I have been following both of them for a while and found them both through participation in #EdChats.

Here is a taste of the conversation, from KerryHawk02's posts (my posts):

The part of the conversation I liked was that it wasn't all positive. Many people posted issues involved in parent-teacher communication. Some of problems discussed included working v. non-working parents, child care for parents of other young children, and teachers talking to parents as if they are students. All of these are real issues that are not easily solved. In the end, most of us agreed that parent communication should be a part of teacher education.


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