Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Making 17th Century Absolute Monarchs Fun... with Google!

My Personal Challenge
I have been working hard to teach my students research and technology skills this year. My freshmen have learned:
- to read and summarize information from several sources;
- to create an annotated bibliography using Turabian format;
- to look up and use images from Creative Commons without violating copyright;
- to use Google Scholar to find reliable scholarly sources for research;
- to create a Google account and share editing privileges with multiple classmates;
- to link Google Presentations with Google Documents.

My goals for the rest of the year are for my students to be able:
- to properly quote and credit primary sources with endnotes;
- to write a research paper with a strong supported thesis;
- and to create a documentary with PhotoStory.

I think they can do it!

My Latest Challenge to My Students
Here is their latest research project using Google Applications:
They had to create a lesson, complete with visuals, a handout, and optional multimedia on an absolute ruler from Austria, Russia, or Prussia in the 17th century.
Click here for the requirements and grading rubric.

They Rose to the Challenge
The results were pretty impressive. I provided links to a couple of examples below. Note the last slide of their presentations where they linked their annotated bibliography, pictography, handout, and answer key. I'm looking forward to seeing the live presentations in class tomorrow!

Frederick II of Prussia

Peter the Great of Russia

The Hapsburgs: Charles VI & Maria Theresa