Wikis & YouTube for Snowboarders!

My mission this year has been to integrate as much technology as possible in an effective way in my classroom. I have started class blogs, had freshmen create websites based on research, and encouraged sophomores to publish their work on wikis and VoiceThread. But I thought I might share how I have integrated some of my "techie" skills into my personal life, as well.

My husband, Jimmy, is an avid fisherman, surfer, and snowboarder. In the past few years he has gotten really good at the latter. He kind of had to get better to hang with me and my family. We have been pretty dedicated skiers our whole lives. So, in his quest to get better and learn more about the sport, Jimmy has become a certified snowboard pro and is now training other snowboard pros at our home mountain, Attitash.

In an effort to communicate with his snowboarding buddies in the off season, he asked me if there is a way they could network more efficiently than over email. Immediately, I thought "WIKI"!!! So, he ran the idea by some of the guys and one of them took the lead and set up their wiki.

Here is the result of their combined efforts:
Attitash Riders

They started conversation threads about all kinds of things: park features, training, connections to the America Association of Snowbard Instructors, etc. He logs on every single night after our daughter is in bed, while I'm checking our Ning, to check what others have posted and share with them.

A couple of nights ago he wanted to take it to the next level and start posting videos and pics. So I showed him how to make a YouTube account and then embed videos into his wiki. He has hopes that other wiki members will start doing this so they can deconstruct each others skills through a training method called "movement analysis." It's like PD for snowboarders!

Here's a video of me skiing a pretty steep and narrow chute at Steamboat, Colorado in February 2008. Jimmy uploaded it to his new YouTube account and then added it to his wiki:

Technology can even enhance outdoor sports! We live in an awesome time!


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