Finding Your Bliss #beyouEDU

Once again I have the privilege of contributing to the #beyouEDU movement hosted by Dr. Will Deyamport. This month's theme is Finding Your Bliss. Dr. Will explains it in his video podcast embedded below.

As I sat down to type my reflection, it became obvious to me that my career has developed in a few directions at once. I'll always be an educator, but the means I work through have expanded. I'm in classrooms with students, in conference rooms with teachers, on internet publications through written articles and posts, and talking to larger audiences at conference, symposiums, and summits. I'm finding bliss in each of these roles, and that's why I don't mind juggling them all. It all started in the classroom with students, though.

To read the full post and learn about all four elements of my job, click here.


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